Albatross Island

Integrating Creativity With Photography

“An Artist Is Not Paid For His Labor But For His Vision.”

— James McNeill Whistler

Welcome to Albatross Island, where photography and creativity meet and work together to bring the reader into a paradigm that only well thought out words and images can bring.

Marion Railroading 001

Once every month, I am able to get up to the railroad diamond in Marion, Ohio. Due to the impact of Covid-19 for the first four month of 2020, traffic has been down by a significant percentage, according to sources. But as I am writing this, the economy of the U.S. has begun to reopen, […]

At Rails End

I’ve been shooting photos since May 2019, and in the short time that has elapsed between then and now, I’ve learned a whole lot of diverse things about photography, such as how to judge for myself what would make a good picture, how to revise my photos in post, and little practical skills such as […]


Hello, Everyone, My name is Keenan Smith, Alias, Albatross Island. I’m a Christian Homeschool Grad who has an aspiration to have a business in photography, and possibly integrate in cinematography and filmmaking later. “Why?” you may ask. Because I’m a firm believer in pursuing your passion. God Himself has put inside of each one of […]

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